TigerGraph CLI

TigerGraphCLI is a command-line utility for interacting with TigerGraph servers.


The TigerGraph CLI gives you access to manage your TigerGraph Cloud instances via the command line. Now you have the flexibility to use either our GraphStudio web interface or interact directly via command line. This opens up the possibility to utilize the TigerGraph CLI via a script and automate managing your TG Cloud solutions.

In addition, the CLI can be used in API mode which opens up the ability to manage your TG Cloud solutions via a REST API. 

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Postman Collection

TigerGraph-cli Postman Collection


  • Ability to manage TigerGraph Cloud solutions via command line
  • Flexibility to offer API endpoints for all CLI features
  • Start, Stop, Terminate, Achieve, load demos, and install algorithms on your TG Cloud solutions
  • Compatible with all versions of TigerGraph Cloud

Planned Features

  • Backup / Restore
  • CI/CCD
  • More Algorithms and Demos
  • Dynamic Demos and Algorithms

The TigerGraph CLI is available for free for all users. It can be downloaded at the TigerGraph DevLabs portal. Support for the CLI is available through TigerGraph community support. If you have a feature request, submit it here: Feature Request?

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