TigerGraph Snowflake

Snowflake connector for TigerGraph


Analytics development can be a cumbersome process if the tooling to integrate various technologies is not available. In most of the analytics projects, the data preparation part is usually considered a heavy lift. 

To avoid customers building complex ETL pipelines for data integration from Snowflake to TigerGraph, TigerGraph has developed a Spark connector to easily integrate Snowflake data with TigerGraph's powerful graph-based analytics database for deeper insights. 

With this connector, simply transfer your Snowflake data to TigerGraph to gain access to three-dimensional data insights with TigerGraph's graph analytics.

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Documentation of Snowflake Connector (with examples)

Supported functionality

  • Parallel loading for fast throughput
  • Works with TigerGraph's GSQL loading language
  • Works with TigerGraph 3.0+
  • Employs the user's Spark engine
  • Free and open-source

The Snowflake connector is available free for all users. It can be downloaded at the TigerGraph DevLabs portal. Support for the connector is available through TigerGraph community support. If you have a feature request, user feature request form:  Feature Request?

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If you have a feature request, user feature request form Feature Request?